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At Creative Kids we offer Enrichment Learning for Eager Minds. Your child's brain is at its most receptive and formative stage in its early years. Our programs are carefully designed by educationalists to stimulate your child's love of learning , increase their general knowledge and develop their confidence in public speaking. 

The program we offer is unique in Australia. Supported by research and with thousands of children enrolled in 40 countries around the world this extraordinary program introduces a range of fascinating modules for children.

This is the ideal preparatory program for children at pre-school or those entering primary school. 

So why should your pre-school child spend 1 or 2 hrs/week with Creative Kids Learning Centre?  The answer is that all of the current research on brain development highlights the importance of the right stimulation to increase a child's potential for learning and engender a lifelong love of learning. 

Using state of the art technology, hands-on experiences such as science experiments, role play and art & craft children learn concepts and active listening, developing their confidence and speaking abilities.  All the time they are learning so much about the world around them, but even more importantly they are learning how to think through a program designed to stimulate the different parts of their rapidly developing brain.

This is learning cleverly designed to be fun for the children who will be our thinkers and scientists of the future.


   Welcome to Creative Kids

Latest News

Creative Kids regretfully announces that it is no longer offering its Enrichment Program. 

As of August 1 Creative Kids Learning Centre will no longer be operating its St Ives Fastrackids Academy. 

We have had four highly acclaimed years providing pre-school and kindergarten children with this internationally pre-eminent enrichment learning program.

We would like to thank all our clients for their support over the years as we brought this innovative program to Australian children.


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